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This application developed based on JAKIM Solat Time Database to fit your mobile phone. It's FREE to use and please share with your friends.

You need to select STATE and AREA before DAILY SOLAT TIME will be displayed.

About the Author: Jamain Johari .NET Developer and smartcard specialist.

You may send any feedback to jjamain@yahoo.com.

mySolat version 1.4
1. Download JAKIM Yearly Solat Time
1. Data display base on JAKIM Solat time.

mySolat version 1.3
Due to JAKIM server stability, we had made calculation
1. Base on Egyptian General Authority of Survey.
2. Shafii Asar Calculation.

mySolat version 1.2.1
1. Fix JAKIM solat table.

mySolat version 1.2
1. Area split for complete view
2. Sorted A to Z
3. Highlight Solat TODO.

mySolat version 1.1
1. Solat time display re-design
2. Adding Facebook share

mySolat version 1.0
1. Standard JAKIM solat time